Blood into Wine Red Carpet Movie Premiere

February 20, 2010 at 11:17 pm (Uncategorized)

What an awesome time last night!  Perfect Arizona weather on the rooftop of the Scottsdale W.  About 1200 people got all dressed up to attend the premiere, enjoy some Arizona wine and watch the movie, Blood into Wine.

We got there early and met some friends for dinner at Sushi Roku.  We shared one of almost every appetizer on the menu I think.  An unexpected pleasant surprise, our bill was about half of what we expected because we were early enough for happy hour.

After dinner we got in line for will call to pick up the tickets, which was a pretty short line by now.  The line to get into the venue was all the way around the building.  We lucked out by going to another entrance and dropping some names (it’s good to know some people).  They opened the rope and let us in the VIP entrance.  After being wanded with a metal detector, security let us through and we walked up the stairs to the roof top pool deck.  The place was bumping!  I couldn’t believe they were going to fit 1200 people up there.  It was pretty filled up and there were still about 600 people still standing in line waiting to get in. 

We grabbed our included glass of Arizona Stronghold “Nachise” and immediately began to bump into people we know from all over the state and those involved in the industry.  It was really kind of a celebration of all of the hard work these people have been putting into the industry, the premiere of the movie being the sort of “recognition” of what is happening here through all their efforts.

There was a countdown to the start going on the movie screen.  They reset the timer back to 30 minutes three times I guess because they were still trying to get everyone in.  They had a large screen set up in front of the pool (which had been covered and turned into seating) and they had flat screens set up all over the place so you had a good view of the movie even as you moved around the party continuing to mingle as the movie played. 

The ambiance was very nice, what a great venue.  There was a crescent moon up, just enough so you could still see the stars, Palm trees lit up from below and also wrapped in purple christmas lights, water features with gas fire flames shooting out of and lapping at the water in the breeze.  All the pool furniture was white with the linen from the cabanas blowing in the gentle breeze.  They had white sand on the ground in about half the area, made you feel like you were at the beach versus the roof top.

I’ll let someone else review the movie.  I’ll just say I thought it was very well done, a nice balance between humor, wine and viticulture education and storyline.  Definitely not a PBS documentary.  I think (and hope) it will get more play and more venues as it rolls out around the country.  The DVD release is May 4th.

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